Get Involved

Plumlife values the involvement of residents who have first-hand experience of our services. You can get involved as little or as much as you want. We are always keen to hear what you have to say.  
Plumlife sometimes conducts surveys to find out what customers think of their services. This can be by post, email or over the phone. It would be great if you could take the time to take part, as this is a valuable way for us to review and improve everything we do. 
Plumlife Board of Management
Plumlife has its own board of management which makes decisions at the highest level of the organization. It includes four resident members. If and when there is a vacancy, you can apply to join the board.
Mystery Shopping
You can apply to join our mystery shopper scheme which lets residents report back on their experience when contacting Plumlife. You can do this from home and your feedback helps us to improve our service.
When contacting Plumlife for a genuine reason, you would simply complete two short questionnaires and return them to us. Only the people who run the mystery shopper scheme will know who you are. Other Plumlife staff won’t know you are a mystery shopper.
Residents’ Committee
Plumlife encourages residents to form a committee for the development they live at. This can help us involve you in decisions about how your development is run and managed.  For Plumlife to recognise your committee, you will need to make sure it is properly established and that membership is open to all residents. We can help you make sure you do everything needed to achieve this.
Scheme Champions
Scheme champions are appointed to be eyes and ears for Plumlife at a development. You can be a point of contact for repairs contractors or take the occasional phonecall from Plumlife, for example, to check that a repair has been completed.  There is a formal job description that successful candidates sign up to. In return they are given a nominal payment of £60 per year to cover any expenses. 
If you are interested in getting involved, or would like more information, please log in to *My Homepage* to contact the officer for your scheme. Alternatively, contact us on 0161 447 5158, or email