The chances are that if you have a disability or a particular need you will have already set up your computer to make websites more accessible, however if this is not the case, there are a few ways in which you can make our website accessible to your needs.


On our homepage you can choose to read our website in a different language. From the drop down at the top of the page select your language and the website will be translated.

Magnifying the website:

There is an easy way in which you can make the website larger and easier to read, depending on the browser you are using. 

On a mac hold down the apple/command key or if using Windows the ctrl key while pressing the + or - key. This will let you zoom in or out on the website making it larger or smaller and easier for you to read.

Making your computer speak:

If you haven't got a screen reader, you can make your computer talk in a number of ways, which can be valuable for people who have difficulties with reading, for someone who can't see very well or at all, and for those who need to give their eyes a rest.

Visit the BBC website which has a number of different guides on how to do this for the computer and operating system you are using.

For further information on making websites more accessible to your needs, visit:

BBC website accessibility guides